Friday, May 7, 2010

Bee Eazy Reusable Bag

Since I took a bicycle trip over spring break, I've realized how much more I can actually do to go green. Yes, I have a huge pile of reusable bags. I use them when I go grocery shopping... but I'm a student who lives in a dorm and has a meal plan. Sometimes I take food out from the place and get a plastic bag instead of using one that I already have.

Anyway, today I received three Bee Eazy reusable bags. OMG. They come in tiny little pouches that are actually sewn ONTO the bags; whoever thought of this is a genius. There is also a tiny carabiner that can be used to clip the bags to your other bag, a purse, your belt loop, or what have you. Basically these tiny bags are infinitely useful and are made of a high quality fabric.

You can get these bags in yellow or black (I received the black ones), of course bee-colored! Given their tiny size and usefulness, each bag is definitely worth the 4.99 price, but you can get 3 or 5 for less per bag!

Bags Bee Gone was formed by the Czepiel family in 2008 in response to learning about how bad disposable bags are. In order to provide an affordable and durable product, these bags are made of nylon... these suckers can hold up to 30 pounds!! Even better, you can wash these Bee Eazy Bags without having the designs fade or the material shrinking.

I highly recommend these bags to anyone; they're more compact than most other reusable bags I have, and come with the convenient pouch and carabiner (clip thing) attached so I have no excuse not to use them!

BZZ- check it out through this link if you're on bzzagent!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Hey Everyone!

I'm a sophomore at an extremely large US university studying anthropology. I have either two or a million more years of school left, so this blog will be sort of a way for me to blab about stuff and maybe talk about some new things that I get to do/try/something.

Basically, I love riding bikes and photography. I love free stuff. I also love dark chocolate and handmade soap, but I'm not going to make a huge list here. I hope to entertain and inform, and if anyone really wants to know about what exactly I'm learning in archaeology right now feel free to ask.

So. I'll post pictures once in a while, anecdotes, and maybe movie reviews (but not that often unless it's an indie film, because I love those, too). To adapt a movie quote, "a blog is whatever you make it... so make it a good one!" I sure hope to, Doc Brown!